Helping Businesses Choose The Best Internet Service

When shopping for an internet service provider, you first need to determine what your business needs are. Different businesses require different communication services. The reason why you cannot find just a blanket internet service that fits all businesses is because they all have different organizational structures and business activities. Even businesses that are in the same industry have different needs which are unique to them. It is therefore recommended that you find service providers who will advise you on what is available in the market and best suited for your needs. Below are some of the services to expect:

Ethernet over Fiber

Having this as your connection option will see you enjoy high and efficient internet speeds that will make your business activities much easier and data transfer processes super fast. Ethernet Networks are beneficial to all types of businesses and using a good ISP will see you get enlisted in a service such as the above mentioned. There are various Ethernet options available in the market and the option you choose will be based on your needs and size of your business. These have different speeds. For example with Gigabit Ethernet, you get 1Gbps while Fast Ethernet is much lower with speeds of 100Mbps. Ethernet over Fiber is more efficient than all the above, giving you a connectivity of up to 10Gbps. The reason why this service is so efficient is because it uses Fiber Optic Internet Services, which provide for a faster online experience. This service is beneficial in giving your business efficient access to VPN, data backup, data transfer amongst others.

T1 Line Services

This is another internet service that comes in handy to your business. Connection is delivered using copper or fiber optic lines giving your business the ability to share information and files, web hosting and email messaging amongst other business services. T1 connectivity is great for business use since it can sustain most of your business needs with high-speed connections.


Besides T1 services, your business could opt for this digital phone line. The services you get from PRI T1 far outweigh those of a T1 service, because you get to have a larger bandwidth that provides enhanced services. With this service, your business can send data, video and voice over several lines. This technology is therefore useful for business setups that have international or national operations since video conferencing can be carried out with faster clear voice transmission. The service is also useful in organizations that have call centers, since calls can now be handled more competently, hence inducing more productivity.

Analog and Digital Lines

Still on phone lines, a useful communication service for your business is analog and digital phone services. Analog telephone services are the traditional systems we are already used to having with our landlines, while digital is more advanced technology. Digital phone services provide better clarity since it puts in place the original signal, hence giving better audio translation.

Your service provider should be able to guide you on what is best suited for your business.

Why Should YOU Start Your Own Business?

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Perhaps you have a new product or service you want to introduce, an idea about how to do something better or faster, or you’ve reached a point in your life where you want to have more control over your own future. Most likely, it is a combination of these and then some.

Like any significant life decision, it should be made thoughtfully. There are risks and rewards to any decision.

There are many benefits to owning your own business. Namely, you are the boss.

Have you ever made a decision that a colleague didn’t agree with? Perhaps he or she threw out a snide comment, such as “Fine, you’re the boss.” Well, guess what? Once you start your own business that comment is exactly right; you ARE the boss! How cool is that?

As the boss, you get to make the decisions, which can include the following:

1. You choose the direction of your company. You have the ability to decide what your goals and objectives are and what you want your company to stand for. Many business owners choose to give back to the community through charitable contributions or volunteer activities.
2. You set the hours and the work days. 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, or noon to 8pm, Sunday through Thursday… whatever works the best for you, your family and your schedule.
3. You establish the company culture. From fast-paced to slow and steady, casual dress code or business professional, family-oriented or career-minded… it’s your choice.
4. You decide how to spend your hard-earned money. Choose to reinvest it in your business, sign up for a leadership class, donate it to a cause you believe in, set aside a college fund, or take a vacation!
5. You determine who you want to work with. As the boss, the hiring and firing decisions are yours to make.
6. And lastly, you have the right to take pride in a concept you believe in and a company you built from the ground up.

That’s right, you’re the boss, and it’s your call!

Whoa, wait a minute! If you’re the boss and you have to make all of the decisions, that means you not only reap the rewards but take all the risk as well. You alone are responsible for the return on your investment, and making sure there is one.

Yes, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make. However, many of these decisions can and should be fun and exciting! Choosing the name of your business, designing the logo and letterhead, choosing the color scheme, and selecting the location and the clientele, and let’s not forget the ability to set your own hours and pace.

Those decisions that aren’t so fun to make, such as how to legally and financially structure your business, do not have to be yours alone. Here’s a tip from those who have been down this path before: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t stress about the legal or financial considerations of moving your business along the path from ideation, to formation and business planning to initial capitalization.

There are knowledgeable and experienced lawyers that can guide you down this path, and ensure that you start off your business on the right foot. Make the investment in wise and trustworthy legal advice today to help solidly establish a strong business for tomorrow.

When choosing your legal guide, select one who is as passionate as you are about your business and dedicated to upholding the standards you set. Of course, as the business owner, you have a vested interest in the legalities and finances of your business. Stay involved with the process, weigh in with opinions, ask questions, and keep abreast of the progress along the way. Just don’t let the daily minutia bog you down.

If you have made the decision to go ahead and start your own business, good for you! You have joined an elite group of individuals who have the vision, skill and confidence to forge your own path in the world!

You’re not in it alone. When you’re ready to take the next step, remember that an experienced law firm can help you with many other legal business needs as you progress past the initial capitalization process. They can assist with matters such as employment agreements, public company disclosure reports, restructuring, tax planning and joint ventures.

Google+ Local Business Listing (Local Page)

It is without doubt Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, and for your company it is important you feature highly in the search rankings. When people search online for a business, it is estimated that around 20 percent of those searches include a local area and a service in the search term. Examples are, “Chicago hairdressers” or “lawn mowing services Miami” etc.

Google business listing services is a service which has replaces the old Google Places and Google Places for Business. In Google+ local business listing you can contain videos and photos of your business and you will also see reviews from users. There are a number of key essential information listings, such as your phone number, website address, address, hours of operation and sometimes the CEO name is listed, displayed on your Google Plus local business listing.

If there are any real time updates then these are displayed also. It may be that your business is closing over the Christmas and New Year period or for Thanksgiving. These amended opening times can be displayed as real time information for your customers.

Google+ Local Business Listing will connect you online with Google Maps, Google web search and the link will also direct your customers to the social media platform that is Google+. The platform is ideal for those customers who are on their smartphones or tablets and want to search for your business. You need to update the regularly and register your business with Google Places if you want to have a Google business listing.

If you manage your business listing in the right way, you can influence what web searchers find when they check the results. Including key information such as company name, services offered, and types of payment accepted. It will have an effect on the way your Google business listing is optimized.

It will also get you listed on Google Maps; people use Google Maps to discover a new area or a list of businesses in their own area. Imagine a web searcher looking at Google Maps and landing on your business which will display to them the hours you operate, phone numbers, website addresses and other key information you would like to share with potential customers.

It is always a good idea to enhance your Google Plus local business listing by adding images and videos of your services you think would encourage people to look deeper into what you are offering.